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Win in January: Elite Acoustics StompMix 4 - Mixer with powerful effects

Published 10:48 am on Saturday 2nd January 2021 by Beat Magazine

You have access to the built-in DSP effects via the menus, where the focus was more on quality than quantity. A 3-band equalizer with parametric mids provides equalization of the input signal, supplemented by a notch/high-pass filter. Compressor and gate are especially helpful when using microphones, but also whip analog synthesizers and drum machines into shape. The delay effect can be assigned to a selected channel, while the reverb can be fed as a global send effect in individual amounts from each input. You can change various parameters of the effects. All four controls are always included and their function and current value are shown on the display. This is all very practically solved; the effects also sound very good throughout and refine both synthesizer and vocals or guitar.

StompMix 4 is a very robust and extremely compact digital mixer with four inputs and outputs. Whether used as an uncomplicated submixer with built-in effects and the ability to switch pre-programmed mixer settings via foot-switch, or as the main mixer for a small setup with synthesizer, drum machine, acoustic instrument, vocals and active monitor boxes: StompMix 4 always impresses with its practical features, simple operation and very good sound.

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