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Waldorf M 16Voice

Wavetable synthesizer from Waldorf now 16 voices

Published 11:53 am on Friday 17th March 2023 by Beat Magazine

The saturation and resonance capable 24 dB ladder low pass filter and four envelopes are helpful for sound shaping. In addition, there are two LFOs, an analog stereo VCA, as well as an arpeggiator with chord mode and 16 patterns, and a memory slot for SD cards. The connections consist of MIDI in/out, USB, an audio stereo output and four aux paths, as well as a headphone output. Up to 2048 sounds and 128 multi-presets can be stored. Those who already own a Waldorf M can expand the voice range with the M Voice Expansion. The device is also compatible with the classic Waldorf Microwave.

Price and availability:

The Waldorf M 16 Voice can be purchased now for 2299 euros. The Waldorf M Voice Expansion costs 699 euros. You can find more info at Waldorf.

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The Producer Blog - Hardware

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