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New Cordial cables

3 benefits of hemp cables

Published 2:43 pm on Wednesday 22nd March 2023 by Beat Magazine

Why cannabis plants?!

Hemp is a classic crop that comes in different varieties. The useful hemp, which is also used for the cable sheaths, is also used mainly for the production of textiles and ropes. The water productivity is particularly sustainable. The reason: hemp absorbs water 6x more efficiently in biomass formation, compared to cotton.

Decisive is the THC content whether the plant falls under the narcotics law. This is the case when the THC value is 1% in the dry mass. Legal fiber or commercial hemp intended for medicinal purposes has a THC content of less than 0.2%.

The advantages of this sustainable sheathing material are:

  • that they are 100 percent recyclable
  • that energy consumption during production is significantly lower than for PVC materials.
  • that supply chains are shorter, and the carbon footprint is reduced as a result.

And the cables also smell better than plastic! By the way: For every purchase of the well-wrapped cables, a tree is planted in South Africa by the non-profit organisation Trees for the Future.

ECOHEMP is double shielded and made of copper braid and conductive plastic. The conductor cross-section of 0.50 mm is twice that of conventional braided cables and is intended to ensure undistorted signal transport and transparent sound. In terms of color, they come in a matte green/brown shade. The cable model is also available as silentPLUG edition (ECOHEMP-PP), as well as with or with angled jack as ECOHEMP PR.

Price and availability:

ECOHEMP cables can be purchased with three meter length for 49,50 Euro, the 6 meter version costs 64,90 Euro. Find more details on the Cordial website.

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