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Neumann MT 48

Four monitor mixes with audio interface from Neumann

Published 7:21 am on Tuesday 2nd May 2023 by Beat Magazine

Very low-noise preamps with up to 78 dB gain amplification have been implemented for the microphone inputs. Two XLR and two TRS jacks are available for the outputs, as well as two headphone outputs. The interface is said to feature a wide dynamic range of 136 dB dynamic range thanks to the very precise AD/DA converters. Other interfaces include USB, ADAT and AES67. There are four independent mixers. The four separate monitor mixes can be managed via the touchscreen. In addition, the signals can be polished with the fully parametric 4-band EQ and a dynamics processor.

Price and availability:

The Neumann MT 48 can already be pre-ordered at Thomann. It is to be sold at a price of 1995 euros. You can find more info at Neumann.

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The Producer Blog - Hardware

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