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Behringer Spice

Semi-modular synthesizer with 32 jacks from Behringer

Published 8:46 am on Thursday 1st June 2023 by Beat Magazine

The Shape toggle switch can switch between three waveforms. In addition, there is a Moog-typical ladder filter. There are envelopes for filter and volume. There is also a 4-step sequencer for programming two different sequences. The advantage of the semi-modular synthesizer is that Spice can be used in a modular system or combined with Crave and Edge. Regarding the connections, a MIDI implementation (In / Thru / Out) and a USB port can be resorted to.

Price and availability:

So far, no concrete delivery date of the prototype for retailers is known, but Spice is expected to cost around $249. More info can be found at Behringer.

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The Producer Blog - Hardware

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