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Arturia MiniFreak Stellar

Hybrid synth from Arturia - now in space design

Published 9:20 am on Tuesday 7th May 2024 by Beat Magazine

Use it to create unique sounds. With three digital FX slots, 11 effect types and a stereo output, you have a wide range of options to refine your mix. For individual sound design, you can use polyphonic ADSR envelopes, configurable multi-segment LFO shapes, FM and ring modulation as well as Spice & Dice random control. The modulation matrix with 7 sources and 13 destinations provides active support. Alternatively, you can also make use of the 256 factory presets, 64 of which are wavetable-based presets. A 64-step sequencer provides suitable rhythms.

Price and availability:

The special edition of the MiniFreak Stellar is now available for 599 euros. You can find more information at Arturia.

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The Producer Blog - Hardware

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