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Microphone arm and new USB midi cable

Sontronics - ELEVATE and XLR-USB. Perfect hold and lower latency?

Published 8:00 am on Saturday 26th September 2020 by Beat Magazine

Sontronics ELEVATE

The new Sontronics ELEVATE is a desktop-mounted broadcast-style arm that can be either clamped to a work surface or permanently fixed in place. With three lockable articulated joints, ELEVATE will enable your microphone to be suspended from above or tilted up towards you, helping to create a clear workspace for your laptop, tablet or script.

Each of ELEVATE’s arms has a channel to accommodate your cable, plus locking clips to keep your set-up looking neat and tidy, while the base allows the stand to rotate easily so you can simply move the mic to one side when you’ve finished using it.

Made from premium-grade powder-coated aluminum, ELEVATE is extremely light, but very sturdy (holds up to 1Kg), and to make it compatible with both EU & US mic threads, ELEVATE is supplied with a 3/8” to 5/8” thread adaptor.


  • Desktop microphone arm for podcast and broadcast microphones
  • High quality powder-coated aluminum
  • Three lockable joints - 1.275kg

Sontronics XLR-USB

The Sontronics XLR-USB is a premium-quality 3-meter female XLR to USB-A cable which allows you to plug the Sontronics PODCAST PRO, or any dynamic microphone, directly into a computer, laptop or any compatible iOS device*. Boasting extremely low latency and excellent-quality analogue-to-digital conversion, the Sontronics XLR-USB is ideal for anyone who wants to record, stream or podcast at home, in the studio or on the go.

With full-speed USB2.0 plug and play operation, 44.1/48kHz sampling rates and built-in noise reduction, the Sontronics XLR-USB is a must-have accessory for recording, broadcast, podcasting, streaming or video conferencing.
*You may need a USB-to-USB-C connector for more recent Apple laptops or a USB-to-lightning ‘camera kit’ adaptor for iOS devices.


  • Premium Quality
  • 3 meter XLR-female/USB-A cable interface
  • Ideal for recording, transmission, podcasting, streaming or
  • Video conferences
  • Extremely low latency
  • Analog to digital conversion in excellent quality
  • USB2.0 plug-and-play operation
  • 44.1/48kHz sampling rates - integrated noise reduction *You may need a USB/USB-C adapter for newer Apple laptops or a camera connection kit for your iOS device

Price and availability

Sontronics Elevate is currently available at a price of 110 Euro. Sontronics XLR-USB is currently available at a price of 27 Euro currently available. For more infromation please visit the manufacturer website.

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