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Reloop Spodcaster Go - Professionelles USB-Podcast Mikrofon?

Published 6:13 am on Tuesday 22nd September 2020 by Beat Magazine

Recording and monitoring in one device

Thanks to the integrated audio interface (class-compliant), both the dubbing of musical instruments and the recording of speech and vocals, whether on the road or in project studios, would be recorded in studio quality with high-quality A/D converters. Thanks to the cardioid polar pattern, the directional focus would be on a sound source, so that ambient noise and feedback would be largely suppressed. The 3.5 mm jack connector on the rear panel allows you to connect headphones or speakers to listen to the recording directly. The entire audio output of the computer is thus played back via the audio interface of Reloop sPodcaster Go and can be controlled via the volume keys. A USB connection between PC or Mac is established plug 'n' play without additional driver installation and also supplies the microphone with power.

Smarte Konstruktion?

Der an der Unterseite des Mikrofons vormontierte Tischständer lässt sich vollständig zusammenklappen, um das Reloop sPodcaster Go platzsparend zu transportieren. Wahlweise kann der Tischständer abgeschraubt werden, sodass auch die Anbringung an ein herkömmliches Stativ mit M10-Gewinde möglich ist. Aufgrund der laut Reloop robusten Bauweise ist das sPodcaster Go auch für die täglichen Strapazen im mobilen Einsatz bestens gewappnet.


  • - Professional USB condenser microphone for portable podcasting
  • - Also suitable for vocal and instrumental recordings
  • - Ideal for recording on the road and smaller project studios
  • - Polar pattern: Cardioid
  • - USB 2.0 connection (USB bus-powered)
  • - Plug'n'Play for PC and Mac - Integrated USB audio interface (class compliant)
  • - Directly at the microphone to listen to recordings from the computer
  • - Low recording and playback latencies
  • - Volume +/- buttons for headphone output
  • - Microphone mute on the front panel
  • - 16-bit resolution and 48 kHz A/D converter
  • - 3.5 mm jack connector and micro USB port
  • - Robust design made of lightweight aluminum
  • - Incl. clever foldable stand (removable & with M10 thread) and carrying bag

Price and availability

The Reloop sPodcaster Go additionally comes with a matching USB cable and a practical carrying bag and is available at a price of 60 €. For further informations about this and other products, please visit the manufacturers website.

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