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Audio correction without hassle? iZotope releases RX 8

Audio correction without hassle? iZotope releases RX 8

Published 12:21 pm on Friday 4th September 2020 by Beat Magazine

The latest version is said to be a complete toolbox for cleaning and repairing audio data for a wide range of users, from content creators, music producers and songwriters to sound engineers in post-production.

The RX Advanced now offers better audio quality, whether it's repairing streamed dialogs with new features like Spectral Recovery, or correcting pitch modulation with Wow & amp; Flutter. Batch processing and loudness control have also been revised, saving users time when repairing or finalizing audio files, according to iZotope.

According to the manufacturer, the new RX 8 standard features allow musicians, songwriters and producers to enhance guitar recordings with the Guitar DeNoise module, adjust the volume levels of individual instruments in existing mixes with Music Rebalance, or automatically export stems from them. Audio files can now also be prepared for streaming services with Loudness Control and their volume can be adjusted.

The new RX Elements is the most cost-effective version for users who only need the basic functions. It includes the audio editor for spectral editing of audio files, as well as four real-time plug-ins for removing distortion, hum, crackling and other unwanted noises such as amplifier noise or the hum of air conditioners. The Repair Assistant is said to help automatically detect problems and find the right tools to fix them.

New features

- Spectral Recovery (Advanced only) - Recovers frequencies above 4kHz and uses data reduction to turn compressed audio into clear, intelligible recordings.
- Wow & Flutter (Advanced only) - Corrects pitch modulation and speed fluctuations that can occur during playback of tape recordings, vinyl and optical transfers.
- Loudness Control (Advanced and Standard) - Allows you to make loudness adjustments at the touch of a button, preparing audio material for broadcast and streaming standards and displaying the values both numerically and graphically.
- Guitar De-Noise (Advanced and Standard) - Improves guitar recordings in seconds and eliminates noises that can be unintentionally amplified by compression, such as amplifier noise, string noise and overly hard keystrokes.
- 32 Audio Tabs (All versions)
-RX 8 doubles the original limitation of 16 tabs in the editor to 32. users can now load twice as many files at once in the editor.

Improved features

- Horizontal Navigation (All versions) - Horizontal scrolling in the spectrogram view is now possible with the trackpad or mouse.
- Music Rebalance (Advanced and Standard) - With the revised and, according to iZotope, better sounding version of Music Rebalance, users can edit finished music mixes again in groups, create space for dialog in post production, extract vocal music files for remixes or create stems for further editing.
- Batch Processor (Advanced and Standard) - It is now even easier to process multiple files simultaneously with a chain of plug-ins, view metadata and export to complex folder structures.
- De-Hum (All versions) - Now includes more independent frequency bands to remove hum and is easier to use with the redesigned user interface.

iZotope also releases RX Post Production Suite 5, which includes tools for post production, including RX 8 Advanced, Dialogue Match, Neutron 3 Advanced, Nectar 3 (including Melodyne 5 Essential), Insight 2, RX Loudness Control, Relay, Tonal Balance Control 2, as well as Symphony 3D and Stratus 3D from Exponential Audio. Also included in the package: an all-access pass for the video training tool Groove 3 for one year. This fall also sees the release of Music Production Suite 4, which includes RX 8 Standard, Ozone 9 Advanced, Neutron 3 Advanced, Nectar 3 (with Melodyne 5 Essential), Insight 2, NIMBUS from Exponential Audio and Tonal Balance Control 2.

All those who purchased Music Production Suite 3 after September 2, 2020, will receive a free upgrade when version 4 is released.

Pricing and availability

RX 8 is available immediately at and from selected dealers.
- RX 8 Elements: 99€ introductory price (Normal 129€)
- RX 8 Standard: 299€ introductory price (Normal 399€)
- RX 8 Advanced: 999€ introductory price (Normal 1199€)
- RX Post Production Suite 5:1499€ introductory price (Normal 1999€)
Further information on this subject can be found on the manufacturer's website.

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