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Editing and restauration

Audio Editor from Acon Digital - now combatible with Apple Silicon processors

Published 1:53 pm on Thursday 13th May 2021 by Beat Magazine

Extract:Dialogue is supposed to automatically reduce background noise in dialog recordings. DeWind:Dialogue removes wind noise from dialogs. DeRustle:Dialogue reduces the rustling of clothing with lavalier microphones, and DeBuzz:Dialogue is responsible for reducing humming. Splitting a mix into five stems is also available in both versions with the Remix tool. Compressing or lengthening audio is now accomplished using the Time Stretch and Transpose tools. Memory requirements have also been reduced. An overhaul of the multitrack editor can also be noted, as evidenced, for example, by the drag-and-drop option to drag files into multitrack sessions, the clip editor or CD projects in the integrated media file browser.

Price and Availability
Acoustica Premium Edition 7.3 can be purchased directly for 199 Euros and the Standard Edition for 59 Euros.

Acon Digital

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