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Comping and more with Bitwig's DAW update

Published 2:50 pm on Sunday 30th May 2021 by Beat Magazine

Operators have also been added, which can be seen as an extension to the modulators. There are four modes for this, which bring variety to the note events. The Expression Spread feature is intended to increase creativity not only through the random factor, but also to provide more animation in the sound, both of MIDI and audio clips. Bitwig Studio 4 now supports the new Silcon processors for Mac users. The highlight of the upgrade is that it is even said to support project import from DAWs FL Studio and Ableton Live.

Price & Availability:
According to the manufacturer, Bitwig Studio 4 should be officially released at the end of June or in July 2021. However, Bitwig users can already try out the beta version for free.

By the way: If you want to save 40 Euro when upgrading from Bitwig 8-Track to the full version Bitwig Studio, you should get the new Beat Workzone in the falkemedia store.

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