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Totally vintage

Retro effects full of character from PreSonus

Published 10:21 pm on Tuesday 15th June 2021 by Beat Magazine

Drive takes care of the saturation, the compressor of the dynamics processing. Furthermore, noise can be added via Noise. The latter is also offered by Brit Console. Here you can switch between three style modes Vintage, Super and Modern. Porta Cassette pursues an interesting lo-fi style, which can be used to authentically simulate synchronization fluctuations. Pitch edits the pitch without changing the speed. The recorder also offers Drive and Noise functions, as well as Crosstalk and a Gain Compressor.

Price and Availability:
PreSonus Retro Mix Legends is sold as a bundle for 19 euros or individually for 29 euros each. Studio One Professional v4.6.2 is required for use.


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The Producer Blog - Software

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