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Well roared

The ultimate amp and cab solution from United Plugins?

Published 7:08 pm on Tuesday 29th June 2021 by Beat Magazine

For the respective guitar signal, five guitar amplifiers with different gain and distortion levels are available for selection. For the best possible reverberation, 18 algorithms are provided, including Hall, Room, Plate, Cathedral, Shimmer, Ethereal. Reverberation can also be attenuated and ducked. Another feature is EQ matching, which is supposed to succeed in having your own guitar sound analyzed to automatically match the sound of your guitar heroes. Thanks to the double tracking technology, multi-track recordings of the same signal can also be realized. For the exact tuning of the guitar, there is a PolyTuner.

Price & Availability:
Electrum is sold now for the introductory price of only 15 euros, instead of the regular price of 149 euros. This discount promotion is only valid until July 4, 2021.

United Plugins Electrum

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The Producer Blog - Software

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