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Powerful DAW Upgrade: The 4th Generation of Bitwig-Studio

Published 12:15 am on Friday 16th July 2021 by Beat Magazine

A definite incentive to buy is above all the project import from the DAWs FL Studio and Ableton Live. Expression Spread brings more sound life with it. To expand the sound archive, there is also the new sound package Anti-Loops, which consists of more than 100 clips with sequenced notes and audio that use comping and operators in a creative way.

Price and availability:

Bitwig Studio 4 is available until 20 July at a price of 299 euros, then 399 euros. The entry-level version Bitwig Studio 16 Track is offered for only 79 euros instead of the regular 99 euros, also until 20 July 2021. An upgrade costs only 129 euros instead of 169 euros during the same period. Mac users with the new Silcon processors can also benefit from the DAW.

Bitwig Studio 4

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