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Make some noise!

More noise with new Lo-Fi specialist from Cableguys

Published 10:19 am on Wednesday 20th October 2021 by Beat Magazine

There are dozens of noise samples included in the plug-in, sorted into Noise, Organic and Analogue categories. The sounds include vinyl crackling, humming, destroyed digital textures, organic field recordings and much more. Importing your own sound files is also supported. Nine slots for saving your own samples are available. In addition, there is a ducking mode, mono mode envelope follower and a high and low pass section. NoiseShaper should appeal to sound designers in particular. Over a hundred presets are included.

Price and availability

NoiseShaper can now be purchased individually for 50 euros or as part of Shaper Box 2 for 89 euros. The MIDI-enabled plugin is compatible with VST, AU and AAX formats.

Cableguys NoiseShaper

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The Producer Blog - Software

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