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Emulate tape machine echo with SSL plug-in

Published 12:18 am on Thursday 4th November 2021 by Beat Magazine

Signal of the tone head is displayed as a waveform. For tape fluctuations there is the wow and flutter section. The Saturation section provides for the saturation of the tape. A new reverb algorithm can be tried out with the diffusion control. If required, self-oscillation is also possible at feedback values above 100%. In addition, there is a de-esser and two-band equalizer. A freeze and kill function for the feedback of the delay, as well as various presets round out the range of functions.

Price and availability

SSL Native X-Echo supports AU, AAX and VST formats and is available now for 139 Euros (introductory price until November 25, 2021) or 189 Euros thereafter. In addition, iLok access is required.

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The Producer Blog - Software

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