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Kreatives DAW Update von Bitwig jetzt mit Note FX

Published 7:44 am on Wednesday 10th November 2021 by Beat Magazine

A stepless transposition of the output pitch to the next note brings the Bend mode. Multi-Note produces chords. For the Note FX, 70 presets are included ex works. Further innovations are the reject mode for the Note Filter and the Track MIDI Output. The latter can now be applied to any track. Clips and layers also have their own color palettes to better categorize them by color. Another new feature is the release chain for the sampler.

Price and availabiliy

Registered Bitwig 4 users can download the update version 4.1, which is still in beta, free of charge. The full version Bitwig Studio 4 is available at a price of 389 Euros.


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The Producer Blog - Software

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