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Synthesizer galore

More synthesizer legends in Syntronik 2 from IK Multimedia

Published 10:40 am on Monday 6th December 2021 by Beat Magazine

Behind Obie One hides the Oberheim OB-1. 71 effects include amps of all kinds, from jazz amps to vintage or British-style to modern tube amps. The dynamics include various equalizers to the channel strip and compressor. There are also several distortion and modulation effects, as well as various delays and reverbs. Syntronik 2 also provides four arpeggiator and step sequencers for complex textures. Syntronik 2 can be used as a plug-in (VST, AU, AAX) or in standalone mode.

Price and availability

Syntronik 2 is now available for purchase for 199 euros. Syntronik 2 Max costs 299 euros and the entry-level version Syntronik 2 SE 99 euros.

IK Multimedia Syntronik 2

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