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Synthesizer with Motion Sequencer

Polyphonic synthesizer from Blaess finally also as plug-in

Published 10:39 am on Wednesday 8th December 2021 by Beat Magazine

Adding noise is also possible. Other components include the ADSR envelope, two filters with predrive, including filter envelope. In the Modulation Stage there are many modulation destinations and two LFOs to choose from. Versatile rhythmic sequences can be fabricated with the Motion Sequencer combining with the Arpeggiator. The Effects Stage is equipped with the processors Overdrive, Bitcrusher, Tremolo, Delay (plus Filter and Ping-Pong) and Reverb. The 200 presets ensure a quick start in production. Those who don't like to screw things up themselves can use the random generator to tease out creative sounds.

Preis und Verfügbarkeit

Alpha can be purchased immediately for an introductionary price of 49 Euros (regular 69 Euros).


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The Producer Blog - Software

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