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Design your own kick drums with plug-in from Sinee

Gimme the kick

Published 11:31 am on Tuesday 14th December 2021 by Beat Magazine

A low-pass filter with the parameters Resonance & Beef can also be used. For detailed editing, you can zoom into the waveform. The Phase and Offset settings are used to create phase-clean kick drums. In addition, there are the Glue and Gain functions. Undo and Redo can be used to undo steps in the process. The factory collection contains more than 400 samples. The sound designer tool also includes 199 presets for various genres of electronic music.

Price and availability

Chop Suey supports the plug-in formats VST3 and AU and can be ordered immediately at the introductory price of 59 euros (instead of 89 euros). A demo version is available.


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The Producer Blog - Software

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