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Get more with BEAT: the Waves CR8 Sample Pack from ZamplerSounds

Kostenloser Download: 3,8 GB Instrumente, Vocals, Drums & Loops

Published 8:09 am on Friday 18th February 2022 by Beat Magazine

The drums & kits in detail:

  • 200 drums from the Neptune II analogue synth
  • 14 Elektron Analog Rytm drum kits (for slicing)
  • 10 Vermona DRM1 mkIII drum kits
  • 10 drum kits from Modula, the modular system of BEAT magazine (for slicing)
  • 8 Korg Radias drum kits
  • 7 ethnic percussion kits

Instruments, drones and multisamples:

  • 43 traditional instrument stabs & Trap leads
  • 28 dirty bass stabs & 808 subs
  • 28 Synth stabs & EDM leads
  • 26 patches from the Teenage Engineering OP-1 as multisamples
  • 24 ethnic pad sounds
  • 19 ethnic synth/instrument hybrids
  • 18 atmospheric drone sounds
  • 15 orchestral instruments as multisamples
  • 13 ethnic basses
  • 12 relaxed mantra pads as multisamples

Loops of drum classics:

  • 110 drum loops from the Dave Smith Tempest
  • 54 drum loops from the Electribe ER-1 classic
  • 50 drum loops from the Vermona DRM1 mkIII
  • 80 Roland TR-808 loops
  • 19 Roland TR-909 loops

Vocals, voices and recording sessions:

  • 21 royalty-free vocal recording sessions
  • 24 robot voices, chromatically playable and looped

All samples come in WAV and AIFF format, so you can load them into any sampler of your choice.

Find on the CR8 on the Waves website. The CR8 Sample Pack is now available free for download at ZamplerSounds.

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