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Published 7:44 am on Monday 21st February 2022 by Beat Magazine

The answer is simple: get part of The Beat Community.

This is the place to read about new and worthy (!) plugin releases, music production software, the best current offers, neat tablet apps and nice finds that’ll make you happy. Furthermore loads of raffles are taking place here, so if you want to expand your collection, be welcome to visit the page on a daily basis. Or - even better - subscribe to their news list, so you won’t miss any deal or raffle.

Who’s behind the community?

Although you might suggest that it’s our very own community of the BEAT Magazine, we’re just friends. But good friends! Having its origin in a Facebook group with the same name, The Beat Community hosts over 6.000 active music producers from beginners to seasoned professionals, discussing things like writers block, beatmaking and production techniques. The best tips & techniques are transferred to the website, so besides gems & deals you’ll also find loads of helpful tutorials on all music production topics.

Where to go?

The website of The Beat Community is open and growing at


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The Producer Blog - Software

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