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Mehr als nur ein 303-Klon von Xhun Audio

Published 10:44 am on Tuesday 22nd February 2022 by Beat Magazine

The distinctive, resonant 4-pole ladder filter, two analog envelopes and an LFO with continuously crossfading waveforms must not be missing. The intensity of the LFO's modulation can be determined. The core features also include the swing-capable 16-step sequencer, which can be used for both studio and live scenarios. Up to eight scenes can be combined in one preset. Effects include Chor-S, Flang-R, the X-Treme tube amp, Solida and Pheebee transistor distortion, as well as Crusher Crush-R and D-Lay and Reeverb. Over 130 presets are included, covering various genres.

Prica and availability

Zerobox is available now for 39 euros (regular 89 euros). The plug-in supports the VST and AU formats.

XHUN Audio

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