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Studio-Knaller: 33 Plug-ins gratis von Audio Damage

Published 10:42 am on Friday 4th March 2022 by Beat Magazine

However, it is important to understand that there will be no more support or updates for the freeware tools. Among the plug-ins are the drum machine Tattoo, the additive synthesizer Phosphor and the subtractive sound generator Basic. However, most of the tools are effects, such as the pitch shifter Discord (version 1-3), as well as the rhythmic gate BigSeq or even the multi-tap delay Ricochet. The suite effect Mayhem from 2002 is also part of the game. The plug-ins are all in VST 2.4 format, in most cases there are also AU versions for macOS users. Have fun browsing and trying them out!

Price and availability

The Legacy Collection is now available for free download.

Audio Damage

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The Producer Blog - Software

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