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Robo vocals made easy

Klingen wie Daft Punk und The Weeknd mit Softube

Published 11:36 am on Wednesday 16th March 2022 by Beat Magazine

In addition, there is an envelope. The Chord mode offers the option to create a chord with the on-screen keyboard and then transpose it via MIDI notes. The Unvoiced section controls high-frequency consonants. Creative, rhythmic holding of specific formants is made possible via the Freeze keys. Spectral weighting of the vocoder output is handled by the Spectral Tilt parameter. Exciting wobble and modulation effects can be performed using the Pitch Modulation section. A shaper is also available.

Price and availability

Vocoder can be purchased until April 8 for the special price of 79 euros instead of 99 euros in VST, AAX and AU formats.

Softube Vocoder

Order here now: Softube Vocoder

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The Producer Blog - Software

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