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Interference vacuum cleaner

Automatically clean vocals with Waves

Published 11:16 am on Thursday 24th March 2022 by Beat Magazine

With only one control, Clarity Vx is very beginner-friendly. There are two modes to choose from, to separate main voice from secondary background voices or to preserve main and secondary voices. With the Clarity Vx Pro, there is another option to better preserve high frequencies. To gently reconstruct natural reflections of a room there is another Reflections control in the Pro model. The processing can be done in up to four bands.

Price and availabilty

While the entry-level Clarity Vx plugin is currently offered at a special price of $29.90 instead of $149 regular, the premium variant currently costs only $249 instead of $799.

Order now: Waves Clarity VX

Order now: Waves Clarity VX Pro

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The Producer Blog - Software

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