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Power Producer: Studio One 5

The Melodic Techno Template

Published 8:41 am on Friday 19th February 2021 by Beat Magazine

1 Drum Kit

Let‘s start right away with the basis of the track: Kick and Hi-Hat. For this, we load Impact XT with the kit „Astral Electro Flux“, which is perfectly suited with its soft 808-like kick. For the kicks on B1 and C1 (Pads 1 and 2), we record a 4/4 pattern. After that, we place the hi-hat on G#1 (Pad 10) on the off beat and fill the 16ths before and behind.

2 Drum Routing

We set the velocity of these copies to a minimum for a shaker feeling. The „Boing“ sound of Pad 13 is also thrown in, transposed 18 semitones upwards. In Impact, we make sure that all pads are routed to Stereo Out 1 and load the RedlightDist, Mixverb and Limiter effects in the mixer of Studio One.

3 Thicken Drums

We set the Type of RedLight to Transistor and limit the range to be distorted with Low Freq 1.1k and High Freq 3.5k to the mids, but turn up the Drive fully and mix everything discreetly at 9 o‘clock. Now, the hi-hats sound much crisper and the kicks much punchier. Using MixVerb with 5% mix, we provide a touch of space.

4 Bassline with Mai Tai

With Mai Tai, we create a bass- and hookline combination: Osc 1 with Sawtooth on Octave 16‘ and Osc 2 with Triangle on Octave 2‘ and Semi +3; we already have a strong base. You can program the sequence as shown in the picture or record your own. By the way: You can find the project for this workshop in the magazine downloads.

5 Analog Delay

We create the hypnotic effect with the Analog Delay effect on an FX channel. The „Analog Pong“ preset is a perfect starting point - we just turn up the Delay Feedback and LFO Amount a little bit more. After the delay, we load a compressor with a Threshold -38 dB and Release 13 ms, which is triggered by sidechain.

6 Ducking x 2

The Mai Tai channel is fed via the sends into the FX channel to the delay on the one hand and via a second send path into the sidechain input of the compressor on the other hand. This ensures that the delay is ducked when the Mai Tai plays a note, which provides more clarity in the mix. We also duck the synth via the kick on Pad 1.

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