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Tone control for mastering

Equalizer rarity with tube - now as plug-in from Acustica Audio

Published 1:04 am on Wednesday 11th May 2022 by Beat Magazine

There is also a Q knob on each band that controls the Q. Its range is from 0.3 to 6. The manufacturer recommends using the plug-in mainly for mastering tasks. With features such as Control-Link and the ability to edit the mid-side signal, one surpasses the scope of the original. At the top, two LED meters display the input and output signals, respectively. A special feature is the preamp, which provides individual sound character with the tube modes Solid-State and Vacuum-Tube.

Price and availability

Maize will be sold for an introductory price of 69 euros, instead of the regular 109 euros, until May 26, 2022. It supports the formats VST2, VST3, AU and AAX.

Acustica Audio

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The Producer Blog - Software

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