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Monitoring and Restauration

Spectral audio editing with AI from Steinberg

Published 10:45 am on Friday 1st July 2022 by Beat Magazine

Various selection tools allow rough changes with a broad brush, up to microscopically fine interventions. The splitting of a finished mix into individual layers and stems is done automatically by the AI. With this update, layers can now also be split via Unmix Level. The AI-assisted de-bleed function now allows multiple layers to be applied as bleed sources to the target layer to remove crosstalk even faster and better. Cursor coordinates have been added to select a frequency range to provide visual control for all audio content at a given frequency. Several workflow improvements have also been made.

Price and availability:

Spectralayers sells for 299 euros, with the update available for 80 euros. However, an introductory discount is being offered until July 21, so the price has been reduced to 239.20 euros and the update costs only 64 euros.

Steinberg Spectralayers 9

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