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Standalone synthesizer

Synthesizer with tape recorder for live performer by Giorgio Sancristoforo

Published 8:33 am on Thursday 14th July 2022 by Beat Magazine

The sound generation is handled by two oscillators, which also want to attract attention with authentic instability, as was once the case with hardware synthesizers. Thus, there may be intermittent noise influences or fluctuations between the selected waveforms. Bento also has a resonant, feedback filter whose intensity is controlled by the mix knob. Another feature is the tape recorder, which can be used to add background noise and tape saturation. The audio signal from the tape recorder can be saved directly as an AIFF file. The amp section also has an envelope generator with attack and decay. A ring modulator is also available.

Price and availability

Bento is operated as a standalone application and can be purchased now for 19.50 euros.

Giorgio Sancristoforo

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The Producer Blog - Software

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