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D16 upgrades legendary bassline synthesizer

Published 8:45 am on Tuesday 30th August 2022 by Beat Magazine

Parameters like slide time, attack, vibrato now offer more variations. Reverb, EQ, delay, chorus and limiter serve as effect chain. The sound still comes from an oscillator with saw and square waveform. Over 800 presets and patterns are provided as a library. With the help of the improved workflow, the patterns can be edited faster and dragged and dropped into the DAW. With Ext, Seq and Arp, three playback modes are available, as well as additional modes for triggering patterns. If there is a lack of ideas, a new random generator helps.

Price and availability:

Phoscyon 2 is offered at the introductory price of 89 euros instead of the regular 119 euros. It supports the formats VST, AU and AAX.

D16 Group - Phoscyon 2

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The Producer Blog - Software

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