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Mega Giveaway

Win plug-ins and soundware with Resonance Sound

Published 10:02 pm on Tuesday 30th August 2022 by Beat Magazine

Until November 30, 2022, everyone can participate in the sweepstakes up to three times. The first chance to win is by subscribing to Resonance Sound's newsletter. For a second and third chance, the post of the sweepstakes must be shared on Facebook and Twitter, respectively.

The grand prize is the Chef's Menu with various plug-ins plus the drum expert Slap from Yum Audio. Slap Slap combines a click-replacement tool with a multi-effects unit to add punch to snares and kick drums. Second prize includes the LoFi Bundle and Slap. Third prize is the four tools LoFi Flux Machine, Spread, LoFi Playtime and Slap. All three prizes will be accompanied by a voucher worth 100 euros for Resonance Sound products.

Resonance Sound Giveaway 2022

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The Producer Blog - Software

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