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Beat 10/22: Modular Total - Be inspired with and without rack

Published 5:46 am on Wednesday 7th September 2022 by Beat Magazine

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Synapse Audio DUNE 3 is not only one of the most powerful software synthesizers, but it also sounds excellent. We are giving you 10 fresh sounds we‘ve created for DUNE 3, which cover a wide spectrum from Synthwave and EBM through Melodic Techno, Electro House and Trance over to Ambient and Chillout.

Reason user? Goosebumps Techno la Bodzin

Minimal, wonderfully round beats, hearty bass and melodies that get under your skin... Stefan Bodzin does pretty much everything right with his sound and rightly inspires the masses. Let‘s take a look at what the recipe for a Bodzin track in Reason, using only three tracks, might look like ...

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In coop with Best Service, we have organized an exclusive raffle for you. We are giving away one copy of each of the following high-quality sample instruments with a total value of 3,350.50 Euro: - Chris Hein Horns Pro Complete, Chris Hein Solo Strings Complete, The Orchestra Complete, Ethno World 6 Complete, ERA II Medieval Legend, Forest Kingdom 3, Galaxy II Pianos, Elysion 2, NADA and TITAN 2.

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The Producer Blog - Software

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