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Produce faster with PreSonus Studio One 6? (+ Free Download)

Published 8:35 am on Tuesday 4th October 2022 by Beat Magazine

The new Smart Templates are useful here, for example, which are intended as tool sets to speed up the workflow of the individual production steps, or vocal comping and the replacement of drums. The lyric track can now also be used to display the lyric content in the arrangement. If desired, videos can be integrated into the video track at the same time. With regard to the effect plug-ins, a vocoder, the de-esser and the ProEQ3 equalizer are new. The integration of Melodyne or also functions for harmony editing for audio and MIDI are further advantages of the DAW. The instruments Sample One XT, Presence XT and Mai Tai also have MPE support.

Price and availability

Studio One 6 can be purchased now for 389 euros (Pro) and 98 euros (Artist) at the PreSonus website. The manufacturer also offers upgrades starting at 49 euros. get Studio One from Thomann.

For your quick start: over 50 MIDI chord progressions as music loops

Simply download our free chord progressions for Studio One here and get your new track started. The Musicloops are tailored to the Mai Tai synth and contain the S1 Arpeggiator in places. Compatible with Studio One 5 and up. If you are not a Studio One user yet, just use the included MIDI files. Have fun!

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