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Compact Hybrid synthesizer with 22 waveforms from Arturia (+ FREE Download)

Published 7:58 am on Thursday 20th October 2022 by Beat Magazine

In addition, there are three effect slots, an analog multimode filter and ADSR envelope for each voice, a performance arpeggiator with ratcheting with random functions and 40 controls consisting of buttons and encoders. The sound selection includes 256 factory presets and the same amount of presets for custom sound creations.

Also new is the MiniFuse 4 audio and MIDI interface, each with four inputs and outputs and two USB ports. In addition, there is the Minilab 3 controller keyboard, which is used to control software instruments, among other things. There are eight endless knobs, eight pads and four faders. A small display and apeggiator are also available for the 2-octave instrument. The fourth novelty is the Augmented Piano virtual piano.

Price and availability:

Du kannst MiniFreak ab sofort hier bei Thomann für 599 Euro bestellen.


Get the Brute Factor soundbank for Zampler & MPCs now for free with the coupon: BRUTEFREE

47 MiniBrute 2S patches with finest analog sound from the Analog sound Arturia Brute for the Zampler//RX workstation are waiting for you.


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The Producer Blog - Software

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