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Sound design effects included

Spectral Suite from Bitwig now free with DAW

Published 7:51 am on Monday 24th October 2022 by Beat Magazine

Transient Split separates percussive transients from tonal sounds. Freq Split distributes sounds across four channels, allowing you to create different modulation effects thanks to random delay times and panning. Harmonic Split splits harmonics into two groups, while Loud Split splits elements according to different volumes . Previous buyers of Spectral Suite will be contacted to offer them the choice of a refund or an extension of their upgrade plan, according to the manufacturer.

Price and availability

Spectral Suite is now available free of charge to all owners of a current Bitwig Studio 4.4 upgrade plan. Bitwig Studio costs 399 Euro. Learn more about it at Bitwig or order the DAW right now at Thomann.

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