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Perfect surround sound

Calibrate speakers for free with IK Multimedia

Published 4:55 am on Wednesday 26th October 2022 by Beat Magazine

On the other hand, the frequency spectrum and phase response of more than 20 other well-known monitors can also be reproduced. X-Monitor is supposed to display the frequency response curves before and after correction to get precise details about the room acoustics. The frequency response curves can also be saved. Functions and settings of the optional hardware remote control can be managed. Diagnostics and firmware updates to ensure optimal system performance are also provided.

The 5-inch iLoud Precision 5 speaker offers 135 watts of power, while the 6-inch iLoud Precision 6 monitor delivers 150 watts. The iLoud Precision MTM subwoofer even manages 175 watts.

Price and availability:

The X-Monitor software is available for free download to all registered users of iLoud monitors here.

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The Producer Blog - Software

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