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Patches Of The Month - 10 essential Settings for Arturia Pigments (+ Free Download)

Published 8:39 am on Thursday 3rd November 2022 by Beat Magazine

Braam Sound for Trailer & Epic Music

For epic Braam Sounds for Trailer Music & more, Pigments‘ Wavetable Engine is your best friend. In our patch „Trailer Braam“ we use the Acanthite and Bismite wavetables, which are slowly passed through with LFO 1. This results in a sound rich in overtones, which sounds even more aggressive when distorted with the Distortion effect applied. It gets even more pop with the OPP preset of the Multiband effect, which is inspired by the Xfer OTT plug-in that’s so popular in Trailer Music. And a lush Reverb effect is a must, of course!

Hypnotic Texture from Flute Samples

Pigments‘ sample library contains some instrument sounds that are a wonderful basis for organic textures. How about a rhythmic texture made from flute samples? In Engine 1 of our sound „Granular Polyrhythm”, we use a low sample of the Indian Banjuri flute and in Engine 2, a high one. If you set Grain Envelope Shape to Smooth Exp., the individual grains (sound particles) get a percussive envelope. With Density, on the other hand, you determine how often grains are generated. A value of 1/4 for Engine 1 and 1/4.d for Engine 2 creates an interesting polyrhythm. Finally, modulating the Size and Envelope Amount parameters, as well as the Delay and Reverb effects, creates a hypnotic pattern that never gets boring.

Pigments as a Drum Maschine

When we saw that Pigments allows the mapping of multiple samples, we had to try out whether the synthesizer could also be used as a drum machine. The result is called „Drumming Robot“. In the sample engine, you can switch between six slots under the waveform that can be filled with samples. For example, you can load a bass drum from the Pigments library into Slot 1, a snare into Slot 2, and hi-hats and percussion sounds into the other slots. On the Map bottom, you define the keyboard range of the samples. Cool thing: now you can define in the Octave line of the sequencer which sample is triggered on which step.

Synthetic Guitar thanks to Physical Modelling

Thanks to the Comb Filter, Pigments also allows you to create simple Physical Modeling sounds like in our „Comb-Pluck“ patch, which imitates a stringed instrument. The heart of the preset is the Comb Filter model in the LP6 mode, which is excited by a short pulse. In order to play the sound chromatically, it is important that the frequency of the filter is chosen correctly and that the keyboard tracking (KBD) is at 1.00. The required short pulse is provided by a sawtooth waveform and white noise, whose volume is controlled by an envelope. With the filter‘s Damp control, you determine how much the string is damped - and, of course, you can also modulate this parameter.

Dazzling Additive Pad

Our rhythmic pad sound, “Complexity“, is the result of experiments with Pigments‘ Harmonic Engine. The sound is based on two additive oscillators that generate sounds from sine waves. With two LFOs and two Sample & Hold generators, we modulate various parameters that shape the sound spectrum. The result is rhythmic sound changes that we emphasize with the parallel filters. To do this, we modulate the Cutoff and Morph values of the Phaser and Formant filter types. The desired depth is provided by the Delay and Reverb effects.

Here you can download the 10 patches for Arturia Pigments

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