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Modulation deluxe

660 presets for modulation with multi-effects from Cableguys

Published 9:03 am on Wednesday 9th November 2022 by Beat Magazine

The new editing tools are now even easier to use and more versatile for rhythmically drawing in different effect patterns. For example, the bendable curves in the LFO invite you to create new grooves. All nine effects can be triggered with any signal, be it for filter plucks, distorted envelopes or transients. The added sidechain input allows inserting external signals - ideal for ducking effects. The waveform is clearly displayed via the sidechain view. In addition, the preset browser has been revised, in which the 660 included presets are now clearly arranged. ShaperBox 3 uses the VST, AU and AAX formats.

Price and availability:

ShaperBox 3 can now be purchased from Plugin Boutique for the introductory price of 88,26 Euro instead of the regular 301 Euro. You can find more info here at Cableguys.

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