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Synthesizer symbiosis

Sound like Yamaha synth legends with Cherry Audio

Published 5:22 pm on Tuesday 6th December 2022 by Beat Magazine

There are 16 voices to choose from for each of the layers, and the volume and pan can be adjusted for each. The GX-80 has four voice banks, each with access to a sine generator, a high and low pass filter and a tempo-syncable LFO. The pitch ribbon controller has also been authentically recreated. From the former GX-1 hardware role model, the filter and some special waveforms were emulated, so that even more sound variety should be possible. Various studio effects such as chorus, flanger, tape delay and reverb are integrated. The proud selection of over 1000 presets covers a wide range of sounds and genres of electronic music.

Preis und Verfügbarkeit:

The GX-80 scalable, fully-automated synthesizer is now available for purchase for $79. It supports VST, AU and AAX formats. Order now at Thomann. Mehr Infos findest du hier bei Cherry Audio.

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