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Patches Of The Month - 10 essential Settings for u-he Bazille (+giveaway)

Published 9:13 am on Wednesday 18th January 2023 by Beat Magazine

Bazille as a Drum Maschine

Bazille can also be used to create cool drum sounds and, thanks to the sequencer, even grooves are possible, as our „Robo Drummer“ patch shows. The first of the four sections of the sequencer triggers our bass drum, which consists of a simple sine wave with pitch modulation and filtered pink noise. The snare based on filtered white noise is triggered by the second section of the sequence. The hi-hat we created from filtered white noise makes the beat sound more driving. The corresponding Volume Envelope (Env 4) is triggered by LFO 1.

Crazy Chiptune Arpeggios

A modular synthesizer that imitates the LoFi sound of the Commodore 64 - pretty decadent, right? No matter, because chip sounds are just plain fun! In the „Planet SID“ patch, Oscillator 1 delivers a racy arpeggio with striking Pulse Width Modulation and Oscillator 2 plays a simple Pulse Wave bassline. Bazille‘s sequencer controls the pitch of Oscillator 1, allowing you to switch between a Major and Minor tone sequence using the Modulation Wheel.

Inspiration for Synthwave

Bazille is not only a wonder weapon for experimentation, but can also be an excellent musical idea generator. The heart of our „Synthwave Inspiration“ preset is an arpeggio (Osc 1 and Osc 3) generated by the sequencer. The fourth oscillator contributes a bassline and oscillator 2 an additional pattern that is faded in and out by the first ramp generator. Due to the multiple modulations, the sound sounds very lively. By playing a sequence of notes over several measures, you can create the harmonic foundation of a track.

Lead Sound la Nine Inch Nails

Our patch „Nine Inch Snails“ brings back memories of the lead sound of the song „The Hand That Feeds“ by Nine Inch Nails. The key to the sound is Bazille‘s duophonic mode, in which the two oscillators can be played individually. We use the Multiplexer module as a Ring Modulator, so you can create biting overtone-rich sequences by playing in two voices. For a little more life, we‘ve added Pulse Width Modulation, which is made possible by using the Mapping Generator as a waveform.

Comfortably warm pads

As our preset „Ceres Pad“ demonstrates, Bazille can not only create wacky sequences and aggressive sounds, but also pleasantly warm pads. The different waveforms of the first oscillators, which are also modulated by the LFOs, give the pad a lively basic sound. Thanks to the activated Stack mode and the delay and reverb effects, the sound is nice and wide. With the Modulation Wheel, you can fade in a small sequence that subtly rhythms the pad

...more patch highlights

Juggernaut For a fat Electro House groove ,you need nothing more than a straight beat and this bassline. Use the Modulation Wheel to blend in rhythmic chords.

Nightcrawler In this patch, a cool Minimal Techno bassline meets rhythmically filtered noise. Use the Modulation Wheel to add rhythmic accents.

FM Pulse With Phase Modulation, modern sequences for Techno, Trance and more are possible in addition to classic FM sounds. Tip: Try out other oscillator waveforms as well.

Megalodon This distorted sequence is suitable for both syncopated Dubstep grooves and straight Electro beats. The Modulation Wheel and Aftertouch create exciting sound variations.

Groove Destruction With its biting sound, this aggressive sequence is well suited for Industrial, Electro-Rock and other music. The Modulation Wheel brings an additional sample & hold sequence into play.

Here you can download the 10 patches for u-he Bazille for free

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