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User-friendly lead synthesizer

Review: Softube Statement Lead

Published 8:52 am on Thursday 28th January 2021 by Beat Magazine

Sample-Based + Step-Filter

As with Monoment, elaborately created multisamples of high-quality and extraordinary synthesizers serve as the basis for the sounds. And once again, the list of sound generators used makes all synthesizer lovers‘ mouths water: Synclavier, the Schmidt Synthesizer, Deckard‘s Dream, Oberheim Four Voice and Jomox Sunsyn are just a few of the instruments that were used to create the samples for Statement Lead and have been appropriately reworked.

The library contains a total of 90 multisamples. Two multisamples can be combined and mixed with noise/dirt samples in different variations. The result is routed into a good-sounding low-pass filter with a selectable slope for subtle or drastic changes. The filter frequency is controlled by a 1-button macro envelope. The real-time visualization of the filter curve in the central display is very helpful. A step sequencer has been added, which replaces the LFO for filter modu- lation and allows flexible wobble sounds, but can also be routed to the volume for gater and tremolo effects.

Flexible Glide, Good Effects

While sound sources and filter section are always directly accessible, the lower part of the user interface can be switched between sound editing and effects. TONE adjusts the volume of the sound sources, while two macro controls for punch and release give you access to the volume curve and allow you to easily switch from a crisp, short sound to a soft, resonant or long sound.

To match the application as lead synthesizer, the plug-in offers very extensive options for auto-glide, that is, the stepless gliding from one pitch to the next. Velocity and aftertouch can also be integrated, allowing very organic playing of synthesizer solos and hooklines. Analog synthesizers can only dream of such possibilities! With AGING you let the virtual instrument age artificially by adding noise and other uncleanliness, as well as pitch variations steplessly.

The EFFECTS tab gives you access to DRIVE for saturation of the sound and to Delay and Reverb, each of which can be synchronized to the song tempo. The ducking option, which allows you to hear the effect only during breaks in the track, makes the mix more transparent. If necessary, the multiband compressor ensures that the lead sound is right at the front of the mix and cuts right into the auditory canal. EDM producers will especially like this. Finally, you can also make the sound really wide. The bass range can be excluded from the processing to avoid muddiness in the lower frequency range and later problems with vinyl pressing.

Also Available as Modules

Like the other Softube instruments, Statement Lead is not only available as a complete synthesizer plug-in, but can also be used in the in-house virtual Modular System at no extra charge. Three modules are available: Source, Filter and FX. The special feature is that the sound generation can also be controlled polyphonically in module form, which significantly enhances the Modular System. The filter module is also a real enhancement due to the integrated step-sequencer, as are the effects that can be modulated via CV.


Like Monoment, Statement Lead also impresses with high quality, distinctive sounds that can be directly integrated into modern electronic music without any further editing. The wide variety of sound sources, post-processing options and fle- xible glide options also recommend this plug-in as a reliable supplier of leads and pads for other music styles. In addition, the plug-in is easy to use with a sensible limitation to the most important parameters. The icing on the cake is the integration as modules in Softube Modular.

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