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Synapse Audio The Legend

Patches of the month - 10 fresh Presets for Synapse Audio The Legend

Published 8:42 am on Monday 13th February 2023 by Beat Magazine

Classic House chords

Although the Minimoog is monophonic, it is used quite frequently for chords. The trick is to tune the oscillators accordingly. In our patch „Chords In The House“ we create a major chord by tuning the second oscillator up 4 semitones and the third oscillator up 7 semitones higher than the first. What? You‘d rather have a minor chord? All you have to do is set the Semi control of Oscillator 2 to +3.00. For crisp chords, we chose a low filter frequency and an Env Amt of 5, and set the decay value of the filter envelope to about 600 ms.

E-Piano with retro flair

The Legend can also be used to create atmospheric electric piano and keyboard sounds, as the „Vintage E-Piano“ preset shows. Here, we use the Poly-4 mode. The oscillators tuned over three octaves deliver a smooth sound using the triangle waveform. A slight detuning in the opposite direction, a moderate drift value and a drive value of about 6 create the intended vintage character. For a muffled, yet defined sound, we chose the BP filter mode, a low filter frequency and an Env value of 2.95. By spreading the individual voices in the stereo panorama, sequences using this technique sound sound nice and wide.

Atmospheric Brass sound

The „VHS Time Machine“ preset is also bursting with vintage charm. The two oscillators with sawtooth waveforms are also slightly detuned here. A Drift value of 8 provides a slightly droning sound, with the voices drifting slightly in the stereo panorama. An Attack Time of 524 ms on the filter envelope causes the sound to swell slowly, like a brass instrument. With the modulation wheel, you can fade in a vibrato. Thanks to the Delay and Reverb effects, the sound is even more atmospheric.

Flat Eric sends his regards!

Our preset „Mr. Ouzo“ brings back memories of the cult track „Flat Beat“ by Mr. Oizo. The sound is based on the square waveform, which is driven into saturation using drive. The filter frequency is set to about 200 Hz and the filter envelope is used to accentuate the attack a bit. The filter frequency is modulated by oscillator 3. As with the Minimoog, this can also be used as an LFO with The Legend. Since the oscillator frequency cannot be synchronized to the host tempo, we set it to about 120 BPM by ear with the Semi control. When you turn up the modulation wheel, you make the sound wobble!

Screeching Lead for brutal bends

Besides basses, lead sounds in all shapes and colors are the Minimoog‘s great strength. The patch „Grit Leader“ combines three Pulse Waves, which get a wonderfully biting sound through the use of Drive and Feedback. We deliberately set the filter frequency low, because oscillator 3 not only delivers a fat low-end, but also modulates the filter frequency. As usual, you control the modulation intensity with the mod wheel. The Pitch Bend intensity of 12 semitones makes brutal bends a breeze. And thanks to the Glide effect, larger note jumps sound even more striking.

More Patch Highlights

Deep Bass If there‘s one thing the Minimoog is excellent at, it‘s fat basses, which this patch also demonstrates. More than two oscillators and a snapping lowpass filter are not necessary.

Melodic Techno Essential This sound is perfect for hypnotic lead lines in the style of Stephan Bodzin. Besides the filter saturation, it is characteristic that Oscillator 2 oscillates a fifth above the first one.

Eminem Bass The outrageously groovy bassline has a big part in the irresistible groove of Eminem‘s hit „Godzilla“. With this sound you can play the bassline.

Atomic Funk This roasty lead sound is not only suitable for Funk, Hip Hop and R&B, but also for Techno because, the more you turn up the modulation wheel, the dirtier and more atonal it sounds, thanks to Filter-FM.

Unison Repeater Bass This massive bass features four voices in unison. Use the modulation wheel to make the sound pulsate rhythmically. If you should use a different project tempo, simply adjust the Fine control of the 3rd oscillator accordingly by ear.

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