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W.A. Production KSHMR Reverb

Polyphonic reverberation with W.A. Production

Published 9:11 am on Thursday 9th March 2023 by Beat Magazine

This allows you to gently fade out reverb tails for creative sound design or abruptly chop them off via gating. In the Special FX section, the reverberation can be slowly increased by a reverse operation or also supplemented by an additional harmonic octave. The Tone Manager specializes in softening hard attacks from the reverb signal. The modulation controls are intended to give the signal a new character. Under the Reverb Type menu item, you can choose from various room simulations. A well-structured collection of presets is included.

Price and availability:

KSHMR Reverb can be purchased now for 49 euros. It supports VST, AU and AAX formats. You can get more info at W.A. Production.

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The Producer Blog - Software

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