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Toontrack EZkeys 2

New Grand Piano and over 1400 MIDI files from Toontrack

Published 6:20 am on Tuesday 4th April 2023 by Beat Magazine

Bandmate lets you create chords and grooves based on your own audio or MIDI signals. The MIDI library has been completely renewed, covering different playing styles and music genres, such as jazz, Latin, funk and blues. It includes about 1400 MIDI files. There are separate folders for riffs, arpeggios and ostinatos. Various mix-ready presets from acoustic pure, to layered are included. The plug-in with the scalable user interface can be expanded with EKX add-ons at any time. As pedals there are Sustain, Una Corda and Sostenuto to choose from. It supports the formats VST, AU and AAX.

Price and availability:

EZkeys 2 can be purchased from May 16 for 179 euros. The upgrade costs 79 Euro instead of the regular 99 Euro until then. Pre-order now at Toontrack.

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The Producer Blog - Software

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