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Bitwig announces DAW update to version Bitwig Studio 5

Published 8:08 am on Thursday 27th April 2023 by Beat Magazine

These MSEGs can optionally be used as grid and polymer modules or as modulators. The Clip Launcher for triggering clips offers further new features. On the one hand, the ALT trigger function offers the possibility to activate scenes or clips, and on the other hand, it is possible to specify whether actions are to occur when a key or pad is started or released. A new addition to the modulator and grid modules is a wavetable LFO. Last but not least, the browser has been completely renewed. The final version of the cross-platform DAW (Linux, Windows, macOS) should be released in the course of the second quarter.

Price and availability:

The DAW Bitwig Studio 5 is available as a beta version now. The full version is expected to cost 389 euros. You can find more info at Bitwig.

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