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Tracktion Waveform Pro 12.5

Tracktion expands DAW Waveform Pro with creative DJ tools

Published 7:50 am on Tuesday 6th June 2023 by Beat Magazine

DJs will find the Stem Separation feature very useful for creating beat-oriented instrumentals and acapella tracks from stereo mixes for their own remixes and DJ edits. The new DJ Mix Tools also include automatic tempo sync, as well as colored waveform displays. According to the manufacturer, the workflow has also been tweaked so that the plug-ins in the master channel can be accessed more quickly. Also new are the Loop Section Move and Global Tracks Fold functions. The latter is supposed to allow more order and better overview in the tracks.

Price and availability:

The Waveform Pro 12.5 update is now available free of charge for all registered owners of Waveform Pro 12. Tracktion is offering a 40% discount on all products on the website until June 10, 2023. Learn more here at Tracktion.

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