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Arturia MiniFreak V

Patches of the month - 10 fresh presets for Arturia MiniFreak V

Published 7:31 am on Monday 26th June 2023 by Beat Magazine

Braaaminator - Ultra-fat braaam sounds for Trailer and Epic Music are a piece of cake for MiniFreak V. Use the Modulation Wheel to turn the sound into a riser.

Chaotica - In this sequence, the oscillator parameters are modulated by the two LFOs with the Sample & Hold waveform - perfect for adding some controlled chaos to your tracks.

Comb The Desert - Feeding noise to MiniFreak V‘s Comb Filter oscillator model makes for wonderful sounds reminiscent of acoustic guitars.

Ebb 242 - This hard bass sound is a real secret weapon for EBM, which immediately brings back memories of Front 242 and Nitzer Ebb.

Feel The Funk - This cool patch for Hip Hop, Funk & more proves that MiniFreak V also shakes crisp analog basses quite casually out of its sleeve.

Green Man Gang - Our sequence „Green Man Gang“ is sonically reminiscent of the tuned PVC pipes of the Blue Man Group. Here the modal oscillators of MiniFreak V make their grand entrance.

Orbital - Want hypnotic accents for Ambient or Trance? An easy exercise for our „Orbital“ preset, which combines additive synthesis, wave folding and bit reduction.

Padifier - With this pad for Ambient and the like, you can use the Modulation Wheel to crossfade between a warm and a glassy, overtone-rich sound.

PsyKoTic - Use this sequence to add a hypnotic pulse to PsyTrance tracks. Tip: Disable the Phaser (FX1) for a drier sound.

Retro Speaker - The two oscillator models Formant and Speech are the best choice for synthetic vocals or even robotic sequences - like in this patch.


Here you can download the 10 patches for Arturia MiniFreak V.

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