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8 Freeware Crackers for Sound Designers from Ohmforce

Published 8:45 am on Wednesday 9th August 2023 by Beat Magazine

The integrated sample waveforms can be stretched, pitched and invite experimental drones or textures. Mobilohm is a phaser with four processors of it. Due to the morphing between the presets, creative elements sometimes emerge. A combination of effect and instrument is offered by the comb filter plug-in Ohmygod. Hematohm is a frequency shifter that is good for drums or vocals in addition to sound design. Quad Frohmage is a creative weapon of filter with comb filter, ring modulator, tempo-synchronized delay and distortion. Its modulation capabilities are extremely impressive. Ohmicide is a distortion effect whose distortion can be flexibly applied to four frequency bands.

Price and availability:

The plug-ins are now available for free download. Get them from Ohmforce.

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The Producer Blog - Software

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