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Baby Audio Transit

Clever transition effects with plug-in from Baby Audio

Published 6:00 pm on Thursday 24th August 2023 by Beat Magazine

To make this possible, there are seven effect slots, each of which can be equipped with one effect, from a total of 18 available effects. These effects include filter, delay, reverb, chorus and pitch shifter. The order of the effect slots can be flexibly shifted. The highlight is the eighth effect slot Transit, which controls all seven other effects like a macro knob. The sequencer loop mode turns Transit into an LFO for constant movements. But the intuitive effect tool also offers the option to randomly dice all settings. For instant start, 300 presets have been created by Andrew Huang.

Price and availability:

Transit is available now at the price of 59 euros. It is compatible with VST, AU and AAX formats. Get itr now here at Baby Audio

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The Producer Blog - Software

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